2015/03/14 – Tongji University and Transrapid


This morning we took the subway to Tongji University. We were welcomed by the Chinese German College for Postgraduate Studies. The joint Chinese-German university college supports the knowledge exchange between the two countries as well as between science, industry, theory and practical activities. We want to say thank you again for the invitation and the warm welcome.

After our visit at Tongji University and with a lot more information about Shanghai and China in general we headed to the airport. We wanted to take a ride with the ‘Transrapid’, which is called Maglev here, because we will not have the chance on Tuesday when we leave for Singapore. The Maglev just needs seven minutes for the 30 kilometers to the airport and reaches a maximum speed of 430 km/h.

In the afternoon nothing in particular was scheduled. The most of us went to the fabric market to try the suits that were tailored. The weather was rainy today, so a walk through one of the many malls was a good alternative if a fitting at the tailors market was not part of the agenda.