2015/03/21 – MacRitchie Nature Reservoir and Gardens by the Bay


On the last day of the excursion, the flip-flops were exchanged for hiking boot. In spite of the hot and humid climate and felt 45 degrees we went to the MacRitchie Nature Reservoir, a recreational area, which is mostly covered with jungle. After a strenuous hike through this forest, we could admire the highlight of the reservoir: A suspension bridge that stretches over the treetops of the tropical rainforest and gave us a breathtaking view.
Many monkeys and giant ants crossed our path, so we could admire the local fauna besides the flora.
Before we got ready for leaving Singapore, we finally visited the Gardens by the Bay, a modern interpretation of a botanical garden with artificial trees made of steel and shell-shaped greenhouses, which are located at the foot of Marina Bay Sands.
After a short break for refreshments at the hostel we headed towards the airport, where a punctual Airbus A380 was waiting for us.