2015/03/22 – Flight and arrival in Germany


Despite the strike of Lufthansa the flight back home went smoothly without any complications, which was nice after an exhausting journey and delate flights. We arrived well rested with the Airbus 380 in Frankfurt early in the morning and afterwards took the ICE to N├╝rnberg where our group separated.
Some already ordered homemade specialists from their loved ones.
We spent the rest of our day unpacking, washing clothes and relaxing.
The China excursion 2015 is officially over. In the following days we will be busy preparing an in depth final presentation for May in which we will talk in detail about our trip.
We had an exciting, interesting and eventful time in China and Singapore.

At this time we would like to sincerely thank all the sponsors and all the companies and universities we visited for making this amazing trip possible for us and we remain forever grateful.