The annual China excursion is one of the highlights of several events organised by the ETG Kurzschluss e.V. 16 students get the unique chance of visiting the “Middle Kingdom” for 4 weeks between the winter and summer term. The programme of the excursion focuses on 3 distinct areas: cultural sights, companies and universities.

Through this we hope to achieve a deeper and more grounded engagement with the local culture, which is both foreign and fascinating if not enriching, than what run-of-the-mill tourist excursions can offer. The participants are in charge of the entire organisation of the trip, from deciding upon which cities to visit, travel and accommodation arrangements down to the planning of daily activities while visiting these great places.
Some destinations like the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall of China, the Pearl Tower, the Yuyuan Garden and the Shandong University are part of all annual excursions as they represent China to the rest of the world. Other sights, cities and places are open to be changed every year, depending on the participants’ personal interests. One Asian or Southeast Asian city outside of China usually provides the final stop in the itinerary.

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