ETG Kurzschluss e.V.


The ETG Kurzschluss e.V. is a student society of the VDE, which is the biggest association of electrical engineers in Germany, at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg. Society members are predominantly drawn from study areas such as electrical engineering, information- and communication technology mechatronic and other engineering disciplines at our university. Participation allows students an active and applied approach to their studies by attending excursions to companies, seminars, speeches, regulars’ tables, a contact exhibition for companies and an excursion to China. All of these events are scheduled on an annual basis with some variation with regards to seminar topics and company visits. At the ETG-Kurzschluss students at different stages in their degrees can get to know one another, with an interdisciplinary touch if desired. It allows space to gain insights into companies and share and exchange experiences with peers and professors alike. During our regular meetings, the board of directors, team leaders and interested parties meet to discuss current and future projects and responsibilities. These meetings generally end with a trip to a local pub and a cold pint- a nice finish to the evening. All work and no play is not part of our aims. After all this hard work, we also like to focus on having fun and enjoying the student experience. Therefore, there are some annual events like the presentation of the movie “Die Feuerzangenbowle”, a ski-excursion, as well as public viewings in the lecture hall of the football World or European Championship.