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joinbrand / Pixabay

Singapore, the „Lion City“, is a city-state located in the south of the Malay Peninsula and was founded in 1819 as an English colony. It has more than 5.3 million inhabitants and the highest population density of all Southeast Asian states (6,723 inh./km²).

Due to its location along the highly frequented shipping route between Europe and China, Singapore has risen to be one of the most important trans-shipment points in Southeast Asia. It also can be seen as a great melting pot for different cultures and ethnicities as they all come together to work in this rapidly expanding centre for trade and commerce. This expansion has contributed to Singapore being now considered as one of the “Four Asian Tigers”.

The wealth of the city is embodied by the changing cityscape. What was previously a city characterised by religious buildings of different faiths and distinct city neighbourhoods such as Chinatown and Little India, is now dominated by skyscrapers and vanity projects like the “Marina Bay Sands” or the Formula 1 racetrack with the adjoining “Singapore Flyer”, one of the highest Ferris wheels of the world.

Many companies are attracted by the wealth of Singapore. For that reason, every global player has an establishment there. As a result of rising real estate prices and wages, as well as the numerous universities and educational institutions, Singapore is increasingly growing as a site for service and research. One example is the “German Institute for Science and Technology”, which was a result of a collaboration between the Technical University Munich, the National University of Singapore and the Singapore Institute of Technology.

While the economic growth certainly is important to Singapore’s development, the natural landscapes receives equal attention, appreciation and affection. Apart from the partially still existing rain forest, there are several botanic gardens, e.g. the modern “Gardens by the Bay”, one of the most visited tourist attractions in Singapore.

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