china excursion

china excursion

The annual China excursion is one of the highlights of organized events by the ETG. 16 students are given a unique chance to explore the Middle Kingdom for four weeks.

The voyage is structured in three main topics. Companies, universities and cultural facilities will be visited in equal shares.

The three main topics:

1. Companies

Planned local factory tours of production lines or research and development divisions will give us an understanding of German-Chinese work environments. The purpose here is to get in touch with local engineers and to get an insight to their everyday work.

2. Universities

Also different Chinese universities will be visited to participate in seminars or presentations. The aim here is to gain an insight into the education of future engineers in China and to encourage an exchange of students.

3. Culture

This is especially important to understand the way of living and thinking of the Chinese population. Traditional markets, historical sites as well as rural counties will be visited to get a view of the various cultural facets of China.