Team Ningbo

Anna Einsiedler

Course of study: business studies, (1st semester in Bachelor’s degree)

As I visited China a few years ago during an exchange with the City Ningbo, I’ve already had the opportunity experience the beautiful chinese way of living and their culture. When I heard there is the possibility to be a part of the China excursion 2020, I was happy about the chance to revisit and get to know the country and people even better, and to explore other cities while getting together with students researching the newest innovations.

Martin Wagner

Course of study: computer science, (9th semester in Bachelor’s degree)

Further tasks: language

I’m so much looking forward to putting my recently gained Chinese skills to the test. I am also thrilled about all the people we are going to meet there and the Chinese culture, which I only know from books. The big companies and universities we are going to visit are another unique part of our journey. In my opinion, the sizes of shopping malls, campus universities and industrial sites in China are completely unimaginable and I’m absolutely looking forward to discovering everything with my own eyes.