Team Shanghai

Lukas Grabietz

Course of study: mechanical engineering (5th semester in Bachelor’s degree)

Further tasks: hospitality gifts

China is in an the economical and cultural way one of the superpowers of our world. We cannot imagine an industry without the influence of China, therefore it is more important than ever to establish a link to science, economy and culture of this country. The excursion offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the lifestyle, society and industry, as well as getting to know the regional diversity by traveling to both rural and urban cities.

Jonas Baumann

Course of study: medical engineering (5th semester in Bachelor’s degree)

Further tasks: photography

The China-Excursion is a unique opportunity to gain an insight into Chinese culture and work mentality.
Furthermore, I am looking forward to the contact with the Chinese students and the insight they give us into their lives.

Ludwig Butzer

Course of study: information and communication technology (4th semester in Master’s degree)