Guidance of the Excursion

Academical Guidance

Marcel Hoffmann

Course of study: electrical, electronic and communication engineering (EEI) (PhD)

High-tech robotics and Terracotta Warriors, mega metropolises and mountain villages lined by terrace fields – China with its 1.4 billion citizens is a country of extreme contrasts which has long since established itself as a global player, making it one of the most exciting present-day destinations for forward-thinking engineers.

Students’ Guidance

Laura Schindler

Course of study: mechatronics (2nd semester of Master’s degree)

China is an economically successful, multifaceted country steeped in history. In the face of its ever-increasing international relevance, I would like to gain a deeper and more thorough understanding of China. Besides the cultural exchange, the organization and planning of this huge journey provides an opportunity for personal development to me.