Moon Lake in Ningbo

Ningbo ( 宁波 市; Níngbō shì) is a coastal city of the east Chinese province Zhejiang. With a population that is approximately twice as big as the population of Berlin (Germany), it is one of the growing cities in Cina.

Many places are well worth seeing, among them “Nantang Old Street”, an old Chinese road, nowadays basically consisting of traditional restaurants and street merchants.
“Gulou” (drum tower), adjacent to one of the bell towers of the old town of Ningbo lies a beautiful shopping street with typical Chinese architecture. Besides “Tianyi Pavillion”, the oldest private library of China (Ming dynasty, 1561), containing about 300000 Books, enclosed by ancient gardens.
Furthermore “Sanjiangkou / Old Bund”, at the river crossing of three rivers one can find the old harbour of Ningbo, these days centre of the nightlife of the city.
Because of the recent economic boom, this is a decent place to observe the interplay of old and young architecture.
From an economic perspective, the city is getting more and more interesting because of its accelerated development.