Shanghai at Night

“City over the sea” (from Chinese 上海, the sign for “high” and 上 (shàng) the sign for “sea” 海 (hǎi)) is one of the largest cities in the world and a highlight of our journey.

The city of Shanghai, surrounded by Hangzhou Bay in the south, East China Sea in the east, Yangtze River in the north and the two provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang in the west, is just waiting to be visited by us. The city offers everything a student’s heart desires. Starting at a downtown full of life up to the suburbs surrounded by unexpected less artificial areas.

As an important node for national and international transport as well as being a big international economic center, the city has developed rapidly since the 19th century and has steadily gained in importance. The convenient location regarding on-shore and off-shore demands was the reason why the world’s largest container harbour and branches of numerous international companies are located in Shanghai.

More than 30 universities with different focuses will give us a versatile insight into the teaching and learning methods there and will be a perfect starting point for exploring the culture of Shanghai.

The most modern and most western city in China impresses with urban and cultural highlights as well as with its sheer size. We are delighted to be able to experience the flair and the charm of such a impressing city during our excursion.